A miniature crystal piano resting on a piano keyboard DIANA WALKER

One of my favorite works is the Bach 4 Keyboard Concerto. This is actually a transcription Bach made of one of the Vivaldi 4 Violin Concertos. It was probably first performed at Zimmerman's Coffee House and Beer Garden in Leipzig.

Concerto for four keyboards in A minor, BWV 1065 (1735)

I. Allegro

We performed this on PLU's orchestral series. One of the other pianists and I arrived early to a rehearsal to find that the pianos were set up wrong, so she and I proceeded to move them into the correct configuration. She said later it made her feel like a zoo keeper herding elephants. The pianists who joined me, Erica Minneman, Amy Grinsteiner, were wonderful, PLU's strings sounded great, and our conductor, Jonathan Pasternack, was amazing.